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Zoology Department


To provide basic and competent knowledge in all branches of Zoological Science to meet the challenges of 21st century


  • To develop holistic awareness of different groups of animals.
  • To develop systematic analytical skills by observation, experiments and dissections.
  • To develop physical, physiological and psychological understanding of some animal types and human beings.
  • To inculcator life skills like self confidence, leadership and team building among students.

Brief Details of the Department:

The Department of Zoology took its shape along with the establishment of Sree Siddaganga college for women, Tumakuru, during the year 1982-83. Prof Nagendran was in charge of the department till the college got totally separated from Sree Siddaganga college of Arts, Science and commerce for Boys. Prof. H.S. Niranjanaradhya was transferred from the boys college in the year 1985 along with six other members. He was in the Women's college up to 1987. Two of our students Sandya .G. and Kavitha Mary got 12 and 59  university rank. Shubha also got Gold Medal for having scored highest marks in Zoology, Bangalore university in the year 1995-96.

Prof.Y.A.Sharanabasappa got transferred from the Sree Siddaganga college for Boys in the year 1987 and he took over the charge of the HOD of Zoology. Prof A.G.Nagaraj served this department for the duration of 15 months and later got transferred to NMKRV College, Bangalore.

Prof Y.A.Sharanabasappa was the HOD of the department from 1987to 2001. He laid a firm foundation for building the department, two laboratories, store room and museum. He has also introduced certain innovations in the department like the development of practical manuals for degree studenst. He has been ably supported by Prof.Girija.L, Sri M.Anilkumar, Sri .N.S Umesh, Smt.Snehalatha, Sri SatishWaradev, Smt. Roopa, and Smt. Vijayalatha R.S. in building the department and to develop good learning environment in the department. The specimens, slides and equipments needed for Pre-University and degree classes were acquired by getting funds from the management and UGC. Smt Hemavathi,  Sree Gangana, Sree H. Gangaiah and Sree. Sankarappa, attenders also helped maintaining cleanliness in the department.

The college was bifurcated into Pre-University and degree colleges in the year 2001. As a result of bifurcation and distribution of work load in the degree colleges of sree Siddaganga education society, Prof. Nagabushana was transferred to this department and Smt L Girija was transferred to Sree Siddaganga PU College for women in the month of july 2001. In the month of September Dr H.S.Niranjanaradhya was transferred from the boy’s college and professor Nagabushana was transferred to sree siddaganga pu college for boys. H.S. Niranjanaradhya assumed the charge of the head of the department from 5th September 2001. In 2001 the department acquired bio visual charts, refrigerator, OHP, Microscopes, and hand lenses from UGC and state funds. The 'Forum of life sciences' was established under the leadership of HOD. A computer was acquired by the department in the year 2002 and was being used to teach students. Several compact discs and copies were available in the department for the use of students and staff.

Prof L Girija was transferred to Degree College from PUcollege in the month of August 2003. In 2003 the college underwent NAAC process and Dr H S Niranjanaradhya was a NAAC co-ordinator and the college was accredited with B++ grade. During this period there was lot of improvement in the department granite tops were put on the lab tables the floor of the labs were laid with vitrified tiles. Lab manuals for semester syllabus were prepared. All study materials were digitized.


In the year 2006 Prof Y A Sharanabassappa was deputed as Register Evaluation of the newely formed Tumkur University. In 2008 Dr HS Niranjanaradhya assume the post of the principle of sree siddaganga college for boys. In 2008 Prof  Y A Sharanabassappa assumed the charges as principal of Sree siddaganga college, Nelamangala.

Prof L Girija assumed the charges of HOD of Zoology for a short perioed of eight months.In 2009.One of our student Bhvyak.G  got 9th university rank in Science. Prof Y A Sharanabassappa was transferred back to this college and assumed the charges of HOD of Zoology till June 2011 later took charge as principal of Sree Siddaganga College for women and retired in Nov 2011. Dr. Nagabhushana was transferred from Sree Siddaganga first Grade College to this college to assume the post of the Principal.

Prof L Girija assumed the charges of HOD of Zoology In 2011. In 2012 Chaitra.M.of CBZ obtained 3rd (university rank in science. In the year 2011 department acquired another computer, a lap top and internet facility. Since then ICT is being extensively made use for teaching and for student seminars. Mr.Anil Kumar was transferred to women's college in july 2012 from Sree siddaganga PU college and later was trans ferred to Sree Siddaganga first grade college in Jan 2013. The department has been ably supported by Smt.Shahnaz Fathima Smt. Vijayalatha and Miss.Sheela who has been appointed this academic year.

In the academic year of 2013-14 got sriraksha G M(2nd Rank) alia arif got  (9th Rank) and in 2015-16 shilpashree N got gold medal in zoology from CBZ combination for her excellemcy in the same year sri gowri gave a tremendous contribution to the college and department of zoology by achieving gold medal in science stream. In 2017-18 monisha N secure 2nd Rank and become gold medalist in zoology and kavana S N got 3rd Rank in this academic year. The  P Girija L. was retired on june 2018. The shivakumar C.S. was taken the charge as a HOD in the month of july 2018. He serves the department for 4 years and he retired on july 2022.

After that Smt Vijayalatha R.S took the charge as Head of the department  on August 2022. In the year 2021-2022 the Government of Karnataka is the first to introduce the National Education Policy Scheme, it is very challenging for the teachers and students to be a part of the new NEP course. New combination has been introduced in the department according to NEP (CZ, BZ and ZMb ) According to NEP scheme environmental studies has been introduced to the 1yst year 1st Sem students of BCA and BA and 2nd semester BSC and and it has been assigned to the department of zoology, Hence we are rendering the basic knowledge of EVS to the students of other combinations.

The results of Zoology of 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year students got 100%, 95% and 87% respectively during the academic year 2021-22. The department has been supported by  Hema B.P, Supriya S.L, Vani L, Rakesh B.O. & Sushitha H S who has been appointed this  academic year.

The results of 2022-23 by the students of Zoology is really encouraging, as the students of II sem, IV  sem  and VI sem have scored 99%,100%,100% result respectively.

Further students of final year BSC CBZ  kum Ranishree S.P, Rachanna reddy, Neha S, have scored 1st, 3rd, and 10th rank respectively. I congratulate our students for securing good results.

 In Recognition of academic exallence  Darwins award, a cash Prize of rupees 1000 is given every year to out standing student in Zoology for obtaining highest aggregate in Zoology. This year it was awarded to Ranishree S.P. (CBZ)

The department has a mini library consisting of over 200 books for the immediate reference of the teacher and students.

During the academic year 2023-2024 department of zoology has made an MOU with the Adita Biosys, a reputed and CCSEA, DTL and NABL certified toxicology service and research organization located at 2nd stage KSSIDC, industrial estate Antherasnalli Tumakuru, Karnataka.

1 Vijayalatha R.S Assitant Professor MSC,BEd, MPhil. 25 Years Fishery Biology
2 Sushitha H S. Lecturer M.SC, BEd. 02 years
3 Manasa H.R. Lecturer M.SC, BEd 02 Years
4 Namratha  T.N. Lecturer M.SC. 01 Years

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Vijayalatha R.S, MSC,BEd, MPhil.,
Assistance Professor & Head

Departmentof Computer Science

SSCW Tumkur

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Mon – Sat 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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